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Advertising Information

Promote your restaurant with our cost effective advertising!

At this time, we offer the following promotion/advertising options:
  • Coupons (Free)

  • Menus (Free)

  • Web Site Link
    (Free w/reciprocal link)

  • Banner Ad

  • Enhanced Package (Best Value)

  • Basic Web Page

  • Complete Web Site

  • Restaurant Related Businesses

  • Site Sponsorship

  • Contact us for more details.

    Coupons and Menus:

    Additions of Menus and Coupons to your listing are free.

    For menus, you will need to provide us with a current menu in PDF, HTML, or scannable format.
    For coupons, provide us with the offer or with an image of the coupon. For non-image coupons, our coupons automatically expire after two weeks.

    Contact us for more details.

    Link to your Website:

    We will put a free link to your website if you put a reciprocal link on your site to our restaurant guide.
    Contact us for more details.

    Banner Ad:

    Our banner is a rotating 400 x 40 banner with a link to your Web Site. The banner will be displayed on a regular basis in the desired section (Sections are determined by food type and location).
    We will also put a link to your Web Site from your restaurant listing.

    Advertising Rates for banner ads are as follows:
    •   3 Months $ 21 ($7.00 / Mo)
    •   6 Months $ 40 ($6.67 / Mo)
    • 12 Months $ 75 ($6.25 / Mo)

    Contact us for more information.

    Enhanced Package:

    The enhanced package includes the following:

  • A basic web page (See Sample Below) with a description, and company logo.

  • A rotating 400 x 40 banner. The banner will be displayed on a regular basis in the desired section.

  • A Link to your web page or existing web site

  • A link to a menu

  • You must provide us with:

  • Text for the web page

  • For logos: an image in electronic format

  • For Menus: a scannable menu, menu in PDF format, or Menu in HTML format.

  • Contact us for more information.

    Advertising Rates for the enhanced package are as follows:
    There is a minimum of 1 year advertising for the Enhanced Package. There is a $100 Set up fee for the Enhanced Package.

    • 12 Months $150 ($12.50 / Mo)
    Initial basic design for the page is included. Banners in additional sections are half price for the same restaurant.
    All payments are non-refundable.

    Includes a change per page per quarter.

    Additional changes to the pages $10 per instance.

    For enhanced page Design or Menu Design: $20/ hr

    Sample Page:

    Mom's Restaurant
    12345 Any Street, Any Town, 99999 CA, ,
    Tel: (999) 555-1234

    Featuring Fantastic Foods

    Mom's Restaurant serves fantastic mouth-watering foods that are bound to tantalize your appetite.

    Start off your meal with a fabulous appetizer. Work your way through our fantastic entrees, and top off the meal with our delicious desserts.

    Open 7 days a week, 11 am to 10 pm

    VISA, Mastercard, & AMEX Accepted.

    We reserve the right to edit or reject any advertising material at our discretion.